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Boon for commuters

Dubai Metro

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The Dubai Metro is a boon to commuters. Be it office goers, tourists or shoppers, the Metro offers a convenient and the most economical mode of transport (“Dubai Metro is a key pillar of our infrastructure, says VP,” Sept. 9, Gulf Today).

I live in Sharjah but work in Dubai and I remember how difficult it was for me to get to office before the metro was introduced. It has cut down on my travel time drastically which means I have more time for my family and yes, I get to office much ahead of time.

That it is world class on the operational front makes it a breeze of a journey, every time. That it is the first of its kind in the Arab world and the world’s longest driverless metro project is a feather in the cap of the Roads and Transport Authority in Dubai (RTA).

I fully agree with the sentiments of His Highness who said that it is a high quality addition to the transport infrastructure in Dubai, and a model for forward-looking projects that feature advanced technology which is aligned with the goal be at the forefront of the global future industry.

It is a privilege for an expat like me to be able to enjoy such a high quality of life in the UAE. I also want to express my gratitude to the RTA for the promptness in service. Daily commuters like me are greatly indebted to the visionary goals of the leaders. Keep going, Dubai.

Sayed Hussain
By email

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