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UAE’s campaigns put brakes on accidents

UAE Safe Driving

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A motorist who meticulously follows traffic rules while driving not only saves his or her own life, but also of others. Caution is all that’s needed to avert dreaded road accidents. Life is too precious to die on the roads owing to human negligence.

In this regard, the authorities in the UAE deserve praise for doing their best to instill discipline among motorists through various campaigns.

The rewards campaign launched recently by the Dubai Police General HQ encouraging motorists to drive more safely and reduce accident rates is one such exceptional example.

It’s good that the police force has invited motorists to log on to their official website to sign a pledge letter in which the driver promises to drive more carefully as part of the road safety initiative dubbed “A Day Without Accidents.”

The noble intention of the awareness campaign is to have a city without traffic accidents or deaths on the roads.

Colonel Jumaa Salim Bin Suwaidan, Director of Dubai Traffic Police, has rightly pointed out that it is important to educate the drivers and encourage them to follow the speed limits and not to drive if they feel tired.

As he himself stated, “We are close to the start of the new school year, and we are looking to have zero accidents, especially in the first week of school. We want to educate the drivers by making them sign the obligation letter and then honour the ones who keep their promises.”

For the sake of public safety, all motorists should join the campaign and take a pledge to follow traffic instructions, fasten the seat belt, leave a safe distance between vehicles, give way to official convoys and vehicles, give priority to pedestrians crossing roads, and not use phones while driving.

There are rewards too. Motorists taking part in the campaign and keeping up their promises to drive safe and not be involved in an accident will be awarded gifts, including an appreciation certificate from Dubai Police, 50 per cent discount on fees if the vehicle is confiscated and cancellation of some black points from their licences.

Such campaigns are immensely valuable as they help maintain security and safety and boost the positive behaviour of various segments of society.

The number of people killed in road accidents in Abu Dhabi last year fell by 4.2 per cent, as per top police officials, who say that traffic control systems have contributed to the curbing of accidents and fatalities by 87 per cent between 2009 and 2018.

Major Abdulrahman Al Shamsi, Head of Traffic Engineering and Road Safety with the Abu Dhabi Police, has rightly emphasised the importance of raising awareness for drivers and pedestrians on safe driving practices, providing examples of bad driving habits, including reckless driving and speeding and use of mobile phone while driving, among others.

The best way to avoid accidents is to strictly follow the rules. Whether one is a pedestrian, motorcyclist or a motorist, adhering to the traffic regulations is a must. Another best way is to plan schedules properly and leave early to avoid speeding.

For those who question whether safe driving is possible at all, a 78-year-old motorist, Saeed Rashid Ahmad Belhoun, sent a convincing message recently.  

By strictly observing traffic rules and regulations, the Emirati national became a role model for other motorists by not receiving a traffic fine ever since obtaining a driver’s licence way back in 1969.

If there’s a will, there’s a way.

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