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Dubai Health Authority's noble effort

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Dubai Health Authority staff take part in blood donation campaign.

Hats off to the Dubai Health Authority employees for participation in Noor Dubai’s “Tolerance in Treatment Campaign”. It has made a vital impact on the residents of the UAE (“Noor Dubai campaign raises Dhs250,000 donations,” July 30, Gulf Today).

Their contribution will go towards providing treatment to people with limited means, who are suffering from preventable visual impartment and are living abroad, in remote areas with limited access to treatment.

Around Dhs250,000 was raised by Dubai Health Authority (DHA) employees as part of Noor Dubai Foundation’s “Tolerance in Treatment Campaign”, which aims to provide treatment to people who suffer from preventable visual impartment. For a noble cause their participation will be a great milestone in the society.

As part of the annual campaign, which was launched last Ramadan, DHA staff were encouraged to donate to the foundation via text messages and the employees raised a total of Dhs250,000 this year.

The foundation made the announcement during the campaign’s award ceremony, which was held on Monday at DHA’s Innovation Centre.

It is my firm belief that these kinds of acts will definitely count in the future. We should all extend full support to Dr Manal Taryam, the CEO of Noor Dubai Foundation, in her efforts.

She herself commended the efforts exerted by all participating sectors and corporations at the DHA who made the campaign a success.

She has pointed out that the campaign will be held every year during Ramadan  amongst the employees to benefit as much people as possible through the foundation’s ongoing mobile eye camps.

The good thing in this campaign was Al Qutami and Taryam honoured all the volunteers and sectors who contributed to the success of the campaign in the presence of DHA CEOs and officials.

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