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Happy travels


Provence, France

Sarah Taryam, Arts Editor

Choosing where to head for your summer holidays can be a daunting experience. Do you head east? Do you head west? This week we have picked out a few places for you to consider. From where to stay to what to do, we have got all your travel needs covered.

If a European adventure is on your mind then think of heading to Tuscany in Italy, specifically the Chianti hills near Siena. Cypress pine trees galore, this will be ideal for any nature lover. Sicily is another Italian destination not to be missed. From gelato and good food to piazzas and amphitheatre remains, the city has a strong identity which differs from nearby areas.

If Africa is tugging at your heart strings then Kenya should be your first option. Rain season is over during summer and safaris will be operating in full swing. The Laikipia highlands have private reserves that are full of different kinds of wildlife. Nairobi boasts a 117sq km national park where lions, giraffes and rhinos roam.

And if none of those destinations do it for you and you’re in the mood for something further afield, then consider heading to Cusco in Peru where it is winter just now. Avoid the busier Inca Trail and go to the lesser-known ancient trails of the Lares region. Slightly shorter with fewer peaks to cross, you’ll see archaeological sites and textile weaving communities.

Read on to discover more destinations and do let us know where you eventually decide on heading.

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