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Still in distress


One of the Sri Lankan bombing targets.

It will be the second weekend that Catholics in Sri Lanka will go without Sunday services. But while the government continues to investigate the Easter serial bombings, vigilance also needs to be spruced up across the region (“Mass cancelled over ‘fresh attack fears” May 3, Gulf Today).

In times of grieve people look to the Almighty for solace. It is unfortunate that the faithfuls are not able to attend mass but under the prevailing conditions it is a prudent call. The step was warranted because the archbishop of Colombo, Cardinal Malcolm Ranjith said that a “reliable foreign source” had alerted him to possible attacks.

In fact the horrific tragedy on Easter Sunday, which claimed over 250 lives, could have been averted had the intelligence agencies paid heed to the advance warnings they received from Indian intelligence.

The Cardinal is also reported to have said that Catholic schools would also remain shut. But the government wants to open schools on Monday under police protection. The government I feel should do a rethink on that because parents are apprehensive of the safety of their kids. Some of my relatives have voiced their concerns to the school authorities.

I also praise Cardinal Ranjith’s gesture of returning the bullet-proof limousine given to him by the government. The Lord is my protector,” he said. “But I want security for my people, and for the country.” That is a powerful message.

Ravi Fernando

By email

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