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Man stabs his roommate for talking loudly on phone late at night in Dubai

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Mohammed Yaseen, Staff Reporter

A labourer stabbed his colleague after a verbal argument that escalated into a fight over the latter's loud mobile phone use late at night in a shared room in a workers' hostel in Warsan, Dubai. The Dubai Criminal Court found him guilty and sentenced him to one year in prison and confiscated the instrument of the crime.

In January last year, police received a report that a worker had been stabbed by one of his roommates at a company housing unit in Warsan, Dubai, and a patrol car and ambulance were dispatched to the scene.

A police officer stated that he observed the victim sustaining injuries to the abdomen and leg. The victim was promptly transported by ambulance to the hospital for medical treatment, and the accused was apprehended at the scene.

A witness confirmed that the accused pulled out a knife from under his pillow and stabbed the victim after a dispute over the voice of the accused talking on his phone late at night and disrespecting his roommates escalated into a fight.

The victim stated that he had asked the defendant to end his call or talk outside their bedroom and to respect the company rules regarding going to bed early and not disturbing his colleagues. However, the defendant was annoyed by his request and fought with him.

He continued: The defendant pulled out a knife and stabbed him in the left leg and abdomen.

The forensic doctor's report stated that the victim was attacked with a knife and found a penetrating stab wound in the abdomen with bleeding in the abdomen and another wound on the top of his left leg.

During the court hearing, the defendant appeared and denied the charges. He stated that on the day of the incident he was in a bad psychological state due to the death of his son and did not know how the victim's injury occurred. The court convicted him and handed down the aforementioned judgement.

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