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UAE takes urgent action on water contamination and power outage in some areas

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Gulf Today, Staff Reporter

The Ministries of Energy, Infrastructure, Health, and Community Protection confirmed that they have taken immediate measures to deal with solving the problem of electricity and water outages in some limited places after the country was affected by the unprecedented weather depression.

The ministries explained that some rainwater leaks had occurred in some ground tanks in limited areas of the country, and that the specialized teams immediately examined the quality of the affected water in the tanks, cleaned and sterilized it to ensure its quality, and ensure its suitability for human use, through periodic checks in accredited laboratories that apply the highest standards in line with WHO guidelines.

The Ministry of Health and Community Protection also rushed to take the necessary and immediate measures and raise the state of readiness of health facilities to deal with any infections since the beginning of the weather depression, as it dealt with a very limited number of cases that showed some symptoms of being affected by contaminated water, and they received the necessary treatment and ensured their safety and release from the hospitals.

In order to ensure the health and safety of society, the two ministries confirmed the provision of a set of instructions and advice in areas affected by the depression, including not walking or swimming in accumulated rainwater that may contain contaminated materials, and avoiding stagnant water that may be a breeding ground for mosquitoes and other insects, which may leads to diseases.

The ministries praised the efforts of the emergency and crisis management teams, the concerned authorities and the specialized teams for their rapid response to all the repercussions, praising their effective role in confronting various challenges and providing the necessary support to the community in all circumstances around the clock and continuously since the start of the depression and the community’s cooperation with the competent authorities.

They called on community members to refer to official sources in the country to obtain information and not to circulate any rumors that might expose those who circulate them to legal accountability.

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