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Man jailed, fined Dhs3,000 for stealing bike in Dubai


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Mohammed Yaseen, Staff Reporter

The One-day-Court at Al Barsha Police Station in Dubai sentenced an Asian to one month in prison and fined him Dhs3,000 for stealing a motorbike.

It was said that the bike was abandoned for a period next to a building before the convict spotted and stole it. 

Earlier in this month, an Asian worker reported to the police that his motorcycle, which he parked a week ago in the Al Hudaiba area of Bur Dubai had been stolen.

He stated that he used to park his bike in that place, as he uses it daily, but he did not use it for several days before discovering that it had been stolen.

A cop testified that he had circulated the news about the motorcycle, so the accused was caught driving it in a street in the Al Barsha area.

Being questioned, the 29-year-old Asian admitted that he had spotted the motorcycle parked and dusty for several days, and that he made sure that its owner does not use it, so he decided to steal it.

He also confessed that he had asked a worker in a key shop to accompany him to the site of the motorcycle, where he claimed to be the owner of the motorcycle and lost its key, so the worker helped him turn it on and received charges for his service.

Accordingly, the Court found him guilty, so he was imprisoned and fined.

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