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Register with ICP tracking system before Oct.31 or face up to Dhs10,000 fine, truck and trailer owners told


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Emadeddine Khalil, Staff Reporter

The Federal Authority for Identity, Citizenship, Customs and Ports Security (ICP) has called on owners of trucks and trailers registered in the UAE to register in the National Electronic System for Tracking Trucks and Shipments before Oct.31, as fines stipulated in Cabinet Resolution No. (96) of 2021 will start applying as of Tuesday, Oct.31, 2023.

ICP pointed out that the system is one of the latest customs projects that aim to support the customs security system in the country, ensure smooth trade movement and enhance road security and safety by monitoring trucks and shipments from the first port of entry, until they reach their final destination in the country. Through installation of electronic tracking devices on trucks and trailers at the country's ports, their movement will be monitored around the clock.

It also explained that the national system for tracking trucks and shipments has been built electronically, by relying on the Internet of Things. Three types of tracking devices are used in the system. The first tracks shipment, while the other two track vehicles, through the National Centre for Tracking Trucks and Shipments at the ICP. This Centre tracks shipments instantaneously, 24/7.

 (ICP) identified 7 violations, with fines ranging from Dhs500 to Dhs10,000, for violators of the national system for electronically tracking trucks and shipments .

As of October 31, 2023, ICP will start fining those who failed to register in the system, which amounts to Dhs1,000 for the first month, and Dhs100 for each following month, with a maximum of Dhs5,000.

The second and third violations are imposed on those who do not register in the system within 60 days from the expiry date of their registration and do not update the data within 30 days. The fine in this case amounts to Dhs500 per month, with a maximum of Dhs2,500.

The fourth violation is imposed on anyone who submits incorrect data in the registration application and the fine will be Dhs5,000, with a maximum of Dhs10,000, while the fifth violation will be imposed on anyone who damages, removes or tampers with the locks of the electronic tracking device or opens the shipment before reaching its destination and the fine will be Dhs1,000 with a maximum of Dhs5,000.

According to the ICP, the sixth fine is imposed on anyone who changes the route of the truck, changes the truck driver, or changes the head of the truck without notifying the ICP, and its fine is Dhs500, with a maximum of Dhs2,000. The seventh fine, according to the ICP, is imposed on whoever loads or unloads the shipment before it reaches destination, and its fine is Dhs5,000, with a maximum of Dhs10,000.

Violations are imposed on transit trucks, trucks transporting hazardous material, trucks transporting goods with high customs duties, and any other trucks specified by the authority, ICP indicated.

It also pointed out that it is possible to register in the system by submitting a registration application by the licence holder or his legal representative via the platform’s website (, attaching the required documents and papers, receiving approval via e-mail, and reviewing the approved tracking devices installation centres.

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