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Scissors, shoeprint uncover mystery of the robbery of Dhs1 million from company in Dubai

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Somaiya Saad, Staff Reporter

The security teams at the Dubai Police were able to uncover mystery of stealing one million dirhams from a safe of a company, Captain Hamdan Ahli, Assistant Crime Scene Expert at the General Department of Criminal Evidence at Dubai Police said.

Through the investigation, it was found out that stealer was one of the company’s employees, Captain Hamdan said.

The perpetrator left a trace that he could not imagine, which were scissors that he used to cut cuffs of his fellows involved in the crime, and his shoeprint on a door, he added.

Captain Ahli told “Hemaya” magazine that a competent team from the Dubai Police, including crime scene experts, moved to the company after it reported the theft to the operations room.

Through the preliminary information, it was believed that four of the company's employees had to stay late at night to complete some important files. Abruptly, a gang broke into the company from the main door, and assaulted those employees, Captain Ahli added.

The employees stated that the thieves tied the hands of three of them, except for the fourth one, who was forced to open the safe, take the cash in it and put in a bag that was in the possession of the thieves. After that, they fled the place, the employees said, adding that their fellow freed them and called the Dubai Police to report the theft crime.

The captain continued examination of the crime scene, while his colleagues were handling the rest of the procedures and listening to the statements of the four victims.

He checked the company’s door, which was violently kicked by one of burglars, leaving traces of the shoe print on it. In addition, the plastic handcuffs used by the thieves to restrain the employees had been cut by a blunt object, which was not seen near the torn cuffs. He continued searching until he found a pair of scissors in one of the drawers.

Therefore, he suspected that there was an internal conniving by the employees, because it is not normal to use scissors and hide them in a drawer.

He explained that he also searched for the shoe that left a print on the door. He discovered after trouble that it was identical to the shoes of the fourth employee.

Accordingly, he confronted the suspected employee, who confessed that he was the mastermind of the theft, in complicity with his fellows, who committed it with him.

The suspect also added that he reported the theft to the police to keep suspicions away from them, but the crime scene always has at least a clue that helps identify the perpetrator, Captain Hamdan Ahli added.

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