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VIDEO: Egyptian couple ride e-scooters to their wedding venue


A videograb shows Egyptian couple riding e-scooter in their wedding attire.

Gulf Today Report

A video clip of Egyptian couple riding e-scooters to their wedding venue has gone viral on social media. The video showed the couple, each riding a e-scooter, and behind them were the cars celebrating their marriage in Giza Governorate.

The wedding sparked widespread interaction among social media activists, as the newlyweds decided to do something different by taking an electric scooter.

The wedding photographer, Muhannad Hazem, spoke about the scenes of the wedding, which he witnessed on a street in Giza, saying that the wedding was not planned, and one of his relatives had two scooters in his car, so he took them out and took the bride and groom to film a part using it during the wedding photography session.

The photographer pointed out that he is a relative of the newlywed, and the video received widespread circulation and many comments, all of which were positive and expressed their admiration for the idea.

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