VIDEO: Dhs1,000 fine along with 6 black points for throwing waste from vehicles in Abu Dhabi - GulfToday

VIDEO: Dhs1,000 fine along with 6 black points for throwing waste from vehicles in Abu Dhabi


A videograb shows a motorist throwing a garbage bag on the road in Abu Dhabi.

Gulf Today, Staff Reporter

The Abu Dhabi Police General Command, in cooperation with the Follow-up and Control Center, urged the public, especially drivers and road users, to be aware of the importance of preserving the bright, civilized appearance of the Emirate of Abu Dhabi by avoiding throwing waste from vehicles on the road while driving.

The police said according Article 71 of the Traffic Law, there is a fine of Dhs1,000 along with 6 traffic points for drivers who cause this violation.

The police called on motorists to adhere to and alert passengers with them to throw garbage and waste in the places designated for them, take into account environmental safety and public health, and participate in promoting positive behaviors.

The police explained that this behavior may cause environmental pollution, and urged the need to cooperate with the competent authorities in caring for health, safety and the environment by disposing of used waste in closed garbage containers.

The police affirmed their keenness to continue the efforts to educate motorists and road users to avoid uncivilized behaviors that some drivers commit carelessly and cause distortion of the environment and the civilized appearance.

The police explained that the Abu Dhabi government, through its competent authorities, continues to spread green spaces and decorate the streets in accordance with the best international systems and standards, so that the emirate appears in a civilized manner that is attractive to citizens, residents and visitors.

The police stressed that there will be no negligence in applying the law and violating any driver who throws waste from his/her vehicle, whether he or those with him did so, criticizing the behavior of drivers and their conduct of such actions.

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