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15-year-old boy shines in Dubai Police summer plans


Hamad Ahmad Hassan Al Falasi.

Gulf Today, Staff Reporter

In a shining example of youth empowerment and development, Hamad Ahmad Hassan Al Falasi, a 15-year-old student, has shared his successful journey through the summer student programmes launched by Dubai Police to positively invest in young minds.

Al Falasi's journey began at the tender age of 10 when he participated in Dubai Police's summer student programme in 2018, the youngest student at the time. The programme coordinators, recognising his eloquence and leadership qualities beyond his years, nominated him as the reciter of the Quran at the graduation ceremony that year.

In 2019, eager to continue his intellectual and moral growth, Al Falasi registered for the programme for a second consecutive year. His keen participation and valuable insights led to his nomination as the Deputy Head of the Student Council, a position he still holds. His photo was featured in the student programme logo alongside a group of his peers as a recognition of his achievements.

Expressing gratitude for the summer programmes, Al Falasi highlighted their numerous benefits to the students and their parents. The programmes keep students engaged with distinctive, beneficial, and diverse activities, as well as visits to relevant educational facilities.

Al Falasi also pointed out that joining the summer student programmes taught him the value of time. Thus, he decided to join an evening course at one of the Quran memorisation centres affiliated with the Islamic Affairs & Charitable Activities Department in Dubai (IACAD). He has also joined an English language institute, understanding its importance as a global language serving modern technology.

In his final remarks, Al Falasi credited Dubai Police's student summer programmes for teaching him to prioritise his life and fill his free time constructively. Additionally, he formed significant friendships with outstanding students, gaining invaluable experiences that have helped him in his life.

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