Dubai-based Indian expat takes home 10kg tomatoes for mother as prices skyrocket in India - GulfToday

Dubai-based Indian expat takes home 10kg tomatoes for mother as prices skyrocket in India

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In a bizarre and economical incident, a Dubai-based Indian expat flew to India with 10 kilogrammes of tomatoes for mother.

The incident has gone viral on social media platforms.  

A Twitter user with the name, Revs (@Full_Meals), apparently the sister of the expat, wrote on Twitter, “My sister is coming to India from Dubai for her children's summer holidays and she asked my mum if she wanted anything from Dubai and my mother said bring 10 kilos of tomatoes. And so now she has packed 10kg of tomatoes in a suitcase and sent it. I mean.......”

The tweet garnered 52,800 views on the microblogging site.

Tomatoes are being sold at a premium rate of Rs160 per kg in many parts of India, the government said that it plans to bring down the price of the vegetable soon.

Twitter users were quick to react to the unusual request.

One user wrote, “Wait for real???”

Revs replied, “hahha yes. Apparently she put it in big pearl pet jars and put the jars in a suitcase and brought them:D…”

A user @pnickeetah asked, “How will she store it? Maybe freeze it?? Can it???? Y’all all eat the same place??? Or do I not know how quickly tomatoes get used???? So many questions??? I was hoarding a tomato and it's starting to rot. I'm cutting around it..”

Revs responded, “Ahahahha. As a family we use a ridiculous amount of tomatoes so my mum will make, like a pickle, chutney…”

A nutritional coach Nayantara Menon Bagla said, “Best daughter award might be going in that direction for these times of inflation…”

Some even made sarcastic remarks.

Janga Sarma said, “New gold needs strong customs action!!!”

Jaqen H'ghar said, “My god... Ur sister seems to be a saint of a daughter.”

Meanwhile, the Indian Ministry of Consumer Affairs, Food and Public Distribution said in a statement that due to its intervention by selling the vegetable at a concessional rate of Rs90 per kg at several locations in the country, there has been a slide in its prices.

On Saturday, the ministry had said that due to its extensive market interventions in Delhi, Gurugram and Noida, approximately 18,000 kg of tomatoes were sold across Delhi-NCR.

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