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Woman jailed and fined for stealing Dhs2,000 for co-worker's bag


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Mohammed Yaseen, Staff Reporter

The Dubai Criminal Court sentenced an African cleaning woman to three months in jail to be followed by deportation and fined her Dhs2,000 for stealing the same amount of the fine from the handbag of her co-worker.

The case dates back to June last year when a European woman, working at a flower shop in Al Quoz area in Dubai, filed a complaint in which she stated that she had been robbed by her co-worker.

The complainant stated that she lost her handbag, which she put on a table in her workplace, and kept looking for it everywhere until she found it in another place.

She added that she had Dhs10,000 in her handbag and discovered later that Dhs2,000 was missing.

She checked the surveillance cameras inside her workplace and saw the defendant stealing a sum of money from her handbag and putting the handbag in another place

She further said that she reported what she saw to the police and handed the camera recording over to them.

According to the official documents, the Police summoned the suspect who confessed to having stolen part of a sum of money that was in her co-worker’s handbag and sent it to her home country.

She pleaded that she needed the money because her mother was sick and needed medical treatment.

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