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Dubai Police drone surveying Naif area exposes gambling game organiser


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Mohammed Yaseen, Staff Reporter

The Dubai Criminal Court sent an Asian to 3 months behind bars and fined him Dhs100,000 for being convicted of organising a gambling game in Naif area in Dubai.

The court also ordered his deportation from the country after serving his sentence.

A police patrol, using a drone, detected the suspect while it was exploring the jurisdiction area.The details of the case date back to December 2022, when drone cameras monitored a number of Asians gathering around a person on a street in Naif area.

A policeman stated that he alerted a police patrol in the area of what the cameras monitored, so the patrol rushed to the place and arrested the suspect who was running a gambling game and seized money and gambling tools with him.

The policeman added in his testimony that the suspect confessed that he had organised a gambling game on the public road.

He also confessed that the tools seized belonged to him, and that he obtained the money seized in his possession from organising the game.

The court clarified that the case papers included evidence that the suspect managed and organised a gambling game in an open public place, after he prepared gambling tools, a cup containing amounts of money, a piece of cloth, and dice.

The court added that the suspect’s denial in court was intended to evade punishment, especially after he confessed to the charges in the investigations of the Public Prosecution, besides the testimony of one of the witnesses and what was included in the arrest report.


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