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Court fines man Dhs5,000 for pushing bird seller after dispute over a parrot

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Adnan Okasha, Staff Reporter

The Ras Al Khaimah Misdemeanours Court of First Instance fined an Arab Dhs5,000, for assaulting a seller in a bird shop, following a dispute that over the sale of a parrot.

In the details, the incident dates back to an earlier time when an Arab bought a parrot from a bird shop for Dhs1,500, but he went back to the shop some time later to return the parrot and recover its value, but the seller refused.

Then, he agreed with him to display the parrot in the shop for sale, to give the money he gets after selling it to the Arab.

According to the testimony of the victim, the perpetrator visited the shop repeatedly to inquire about the sale of the parrot, and when he discovered the parrot was not sold, he pushed the door of his vehicle in the direction of the seller who fled inside the store, where the perpetrator pursued him and pushed him with his hands, which led to him colliding with one of the iron cages of the birds and got injured.

The victim went to the hospital for treatment and to obtain a medical report, then to the police station, where he filed a complaint against the perpetrator.

The perpetrator claimed before the court that he discovered, 4 days after buying the bird, that it was sick, so he returned to the store to give it back, but the seller refused and offered him to buy it for Dhs1,200, not Dhs1,500, but he refused.

Then they agreed to put it on display for sale and when he found that it was not sold, the seller spoke to him in an improper way, so the perpetrator allegedly pushed him lightly.

The cour fined the perpetrator Dhs5,000 in its verdict based on the testimony of a witness, the medical report issued by a government hospital, the confession of the perpetrator, along with 4 video clips that monitored the incident inside and outside the shop.

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