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Gang of 7 impersonates policemen, steals Dhs470,000 from saffron dealer in Dubai

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Mohammed Yaseen, Staff Reporter

The Dubai Criminal Court sentenced a gang of 5 Asians, and two GCC nationals to be jailed for six months and fined them Dhs470,000, which they stole from a saffron trader in the Naif area of Dubai.

They impersonated policemen and assaulted the victim in his house.

The court also ordered the deportation of the Asians from the country after serving the sentence.

The details of the case date back to October 2022, when an Asian saffron trader submitted a report stating that he had been assaulted and robbed while he was in his house, indicating that a person knocked on the door and when he opened it, he found a GCC national wearing sportswear, claiming to be a CID investigator.

The victim added in the interrogations that during his conversation with the GCC national, 3 people entered his house, claiming they were CID investigators and showed a green card with a police logo written in English on it.

They then asked him for information about his work and the location of the money in his possession.

He reportedly gave them all information and brought them the money from his room, which they took.

And before fleeing the scene one of them beat up the victim after detained him in one of the rooms of the house.

According to the case file, the investigation team arrested the GCC national in possession of part of the money while he was attempting to escape across the borders.

On being interrogated, he admitted his conniving with others to steal the money of a saffron trader who lived in Naif area in Dubai, and he guided the police to the location of the other gangsters who were arrested in possession of part of the money.

Upon interrogation, they admitted that the fugitive was the one who planned the theft, where roles were distributed between them, as two were assigned to monitor the place and another to drive a vehicle and wait for them near the victim's residence, while the rest of the gangsters climbed into the house and committed the crime.

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