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VIDEO: Two hikers save a deer whose head was covered in frozen ice

A combo image shows the hikers removing the ice from the deer’s head.

Gulf Today Report

A video clip shared on social media of a deer whose head was completely frozen while it was alive, due to the severe winter storm that was called the "blizzard of the century" in the US.

Fortunately, two hikers managed to save the animal.

The storm caused enormous misery in many parts of the United States of America and Canada, and caused unprecedented damage and chaos.

Many other parts of the world also experience very cold temperatures.

According to Reddit, which broke the news, two hikers discovered a deer whose face had been completely frozen. Presumably, the deer was trying to dig for food under the snow with its head, and so its face was covered in snow. When the two hikers approached the deer, it ran away in fear.

However, after a while, the two men caught the animal and removed the snow covering its face before it ran away.

Reddit visitors thanked the two individuals for saving the deer's life and praised their efforts. "A beautiful part of humanity," one user wrote.

Another commented, "I'm glad they helped him. Winter is hard on animals."

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