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Accountant stole Dhs5 million from a tobacco company


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Mohammed Yaseen, Staff Reporter

An Asian accountant deceived a teller in a tobacco trading company and stole a key and a safe card from him and, conniving with his brother and two other compatriots stole Dhs5,020,000 from the safe of the company he worked for.

Dubai Criminal Court sentenced 3 suspects and the last in absentia, 5 years to be followed by deportation after serving their sentences, and fined them jointly the stolen amount. The court also referred the civil case to the competent court.

Details of the case which took place in a tobacco trading company in Dubai’s Silicon Oasis date back to March 2022, when an investor reported the theft of Dhs5,020,000 from a safe in his office.


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The complainant said that he asked the company's teller to bring him an amount from the safe to pay some of the company’s obligations, but he was surprised by the teller's screams while he was at the safe.

The complainant added that he went to the place of the safe, where he found the teller and the door of the safe, which was empty open, so he called the company’s security to check the surveillance cameras, where it was found that two people entered the room outside working hours, so he informed the police and handed them over the recording of the cameras.

Investigators collected inferences and checked the surveillance cameras and the employee’s entry and exit device, where it was found that two persons who entered the company where one of them opened the door of the safe room with the accountant’s entry card, stole the money and fled the place.

A policeman said in the interrogations that the police spotted the location of the first suspect and arrested him in possession of Dhs1,250,000, in addition to jewelry and computers.

On being questioned, he admitted to robbing the safe of the company  for which the accountant worked, after deceiving the teller from whom he stole the key and card of the safe, as his second suspect, his brother, copied them, and returned them again to the teller.

The suspect added that he planned with others, including his brother, to rob the safe, as roles were distributed among them, as two of them went up to the company after the first suspect, the accountant, gave them the details of the place and his access card so that they could enter the company. They already entered it after making sure that all the employees had left, they stole the money and headed to another emirate where they divided the money among them. The suspect guided the police to the rest of the suspects.

Other suspects were arrested in possession of money, and upon interrogation, they admitted that it the money they stole, and that they had sent part of it to their home country by an acquaintance who worked illegally in transferring money, as he was arrested in his possession of Dhs150,000.

On being questioned, he admitted that the money belonged to the first suspect and that he transferred Dhs1,200,000, which the second suspect handed over to him.

The third suspect, who was arrested at his residence in possession of a large quantity of jewelry, watches and phones, which he confessed he had bought with the stolen money.



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