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Man deceives woman and seizes Dhs202,000 from her in bid to open used car business in Dubai


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Mohammed Yaseen, Staff Reporter

Dubai Misdemeanours Court imprisoned a GCC suspect for 3 months and fined him Dhs202,000 on charges of defrauding a GCC woman and seizing the same amount from her after deceiving her with a fake project to trade in imported vehicles after repairing them. The court referred the civil case to the competent court.

The details of the case date back to 2021, when the suspect headed to a bank for which the victim worked to complete the procedures for a vehicle loan belonging to his wife, as the victim was responsible for his file in the bank and for the vehicle financing loan.

While completing the loan procedures, he asked her to participate in a food trading project, but she refused because she did not have enough money to do that.

The victim said in the interrogations that the suspect went to her again after 3 months and offered her another idea for a profitable project in trading in used vehicles which will be imported from some countries after repairing them in a workshop he planned to set up.

During their conversation, the suspect briefed her on chats between him and other dealers outside the country about the value of the vehicle from the source and its value after repair and sale in the local market.

She added that the suspect claimed that he was a customs inspector, who would receive the vehicles and finsalise procedures quickly, and then repair and sell them, obtaining large profits.

She added she was convinced of the idea and transferred amounts of money to him in installments estimated at Dhs207,000 for participation in his project.

She indicated that after some months of his receiving the money, he gave her Dhs5,000 as her profits for her share in the project, but then he started to delay, turned off his phone and disappeared, so she knew that she was defrauded and informed the police.

According to the case file, investigators arrested the suspect. On being questioned, he denied defrauding the victim and justified her depositing amounts in his account by saying that he had previously lent her money after she asked him for help.

The forensic lab and the results of the analysis of the conversations between the two parties proved deceiving and defrauding the woman.

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