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Two died, 11 injured in separate traffic accidents in Dubai over the weekend


A view of the accident site.

Gulf Today, Staff Reporter

Two people died, and 14 others were injured in separate traffic accidents over the last weekend, the acting director of the Dubai Traffic Police has revealed.  

Colonel Jumaa Salem bin Suwaidan, Acting Director of the General Directorate of Traffic at Dubai Police, said the accidents could have been avoided should the motorists abided by traffic laws and regulations.

Col. bin Suwaidan explained that the first accident occurred last Friday on Emirates Road over the Dubai Club Bridge Sharjah-bound when a lorry driver suddenly swerved off the lane and lost control, causing the lorry to flip over in the middle of the road. He added that two individuals sustained minor and mild injuries in the accident.

Col. bin Suwaidan pointed out that the second accident happened last Saturday between a motorcycle and a light vehicle on Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Road near Dubai-Al Ain Bridge Abu Dhabi-bound. He confirmed the accident, which left the motorcyclist mildly injured, was due to not maintaining a safe distance between vehicles.

Col. bin Suwaidan added that the third accident occurred on the same day on Al Khail Road Abu Dhabi-Bound near the Business Bay exit when a motorist dozed off and lost control of his vehicle before it filliped over in the middle of the road.

Col. bin Suwaidan said a pedestrian sustained serious injuries when he was run over by a motorist who had suddenly swerved to the right of the road in a bid to avoid a collision with another vehicle on Qumasha street in JVC.

Col. bin Suwaidan noted that in another accident that occurred last Saturday evening on Sheikh Zayed Road, a woman sustained moderate injuries when her vehicle flipped over after she had made a sudden swerve.

The acting director of Dubai Traffic Police added that two people died and four others were severely injured in a collision that occurred last Saturday between two vehicles on Al Ibdaa Street behind the Crowne Plaza Hotel. He explained that the accident happened when a driver did not check if the road was clear before making a U-Turn and thus rammed into another vehicle.

Col. bin Suwaidan said a severe collision also occurred between a lorry and a pickup truck on Emirates Road before Al Faya Bridge, resulting in the injury of a person. He pointed out that the accident occurred due to not leaving enough distance between the vehicles.

The acting director of Dubai Traffic Police warned against excessive speeding, improper overtaking, sudden swerving, and distracted driving. He also urged public members to abide by traffic laws and regulations at all times, as these are vital to protecting the lives of road users and properties.

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