Asian girl fined Dhs1,000 for attempting to commit suicide over failed love affair in Dubai - GulfToday

Asian girl fined Dhs1,000 for attempting to commit suicide over failed love affair in Dubai


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Mohammed Yaseen, Staff Reporter

An Asian girl, 30, attempted to commit suicide by trying to jump from the balcony of her apartment after hitting her head with an iron hammer because she suspected that her boyfriend was having an affair with another girl.

The Dubai Misdemeanors Court convicted the girl and fined her Dhs1,000.

The case dated back to last July when an Asian girl filed a complaint in which she stated that her friend living with her in the same apartment attempted to kill herself.

The complainant stated that her friend was talking nervously to her boyfriend with an iron hammer in her hand, adding that some moments later she hit her head with the hammer.


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The complainant added that she was surprised by her friend moving towards the balcony of the apartment in an attempt to throw herself but she and her friend’s boyfriend managed to take their friend away from the balcony.

The police and ambulance were then called and the girl was taken to the hospital for medical treatment.

The girl’s boyfriend stated that he had a romantic relationship with the girl and that on the day of the incident, he saw her in a state of hysteria because she was jealous of him and thought that he was preparing to wear his Eid clothes to go out and date other women.

His girlfriend asked him not to go out but he refused to be later surprised by her hitting her head with an iron hammer and had consequently a laceration in the back of her head, he added.

She also tried to open the door of the balcony in order to throw herself but he and her friend managed to grab her, he said.

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