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Asian jailed for three years on charges of attempted murder


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Mohammed Yaseen, Gulf Today

An Asian, 33, stabbed an Asian woman several times while she was sleeping over a dispute that erupted a few minutes before the incident.

The Dubai Criminal Court sentenced him to three years in jail to be followed by deportation.

The case dates back to last January when an Asian visitor filed a complaint in which he stated that his female neighbour, who was living in a shared apartment, had been stabbed in different parts of her body.

According to his testimony during investigations, he heard his neighbour shouting for help and consequently he went to his neighbour’s room, where he saw her bleeding from her shoulder and had stabs in various parts of her body. He also saw a knife on the floor.

The complainant added that the victim was talking about the perpetrator’s escape from the scene and consequently he called the ambulance and the police.

In the meantime, the complainant inquired from the victim about the perpetrator she meant and she showed him a photo on her mobile phone of the man who turned to be the same person living with her in the apartment.

After recovering, the victim stated that she had an affair with the perpetrator who she met eight months before the incident.

The perpetrator then promised to marry her while she was staying in the same apartment.

He, however, asked her to give him Dhs8,000 to apply for her residence but she gave him Dhs5,000 and asked him to wait until she would manage to have the full amount. 

An argument erupted subsequently as a result of which she left him and went to bed in the same room.

She later was surprised by the perpetrator stabbing her several times while she was sleeping and she asked for help from the people around.

A policeman stated in the investigations that a team of detectives managed to locate and arrest the perpetrator, who admitted to the charge levelled to him.

The perpetrator however, stated that he stabbed the victim after he discovered that she had a relation with another guy.

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