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Asian worker sentenced to death in grisly murder of Indian couple at Dubai’s Arabian Ranches


The couple, Hiren Adhiya and his wife Vidhi Adhiya.

Mohammed Yaseen, Staff Reporter

The Dubai Criminal Court sentenced an Pakistani worker to death on charges of premeditatedly murdering a businessman Hiren Adhiya and his wife Vidhi Adhiya, both in their 40s, and, attempting to kill their daughter and stealing Dhs2,000 after the convict sneaked into the victim’s villa in the Arabian Ranches area in Dubai.

The case dated back to June 2020 when a businessman’s daughter filed a complaint in which she said their parents had been assaulted in their residence in the Arabian Ranches area.

The convict, an unemployed Pakistani, was arrested within 24 hours after committing the crime.

According to her testimony in the investigations, the daughter heard a distress call coming from her parents’ room and consequently she hurried to where the sound came from to see a Pakistani man in front of her parents’ room.

The convict stabbed her in the neck with a sharp object intending to kill her but she resisted him by kicking him and he then fled the scene, she added.

She rushed to her parents’ room to find that they were lying on the floor and stained with blood, she said, adding that she tried to speak to them, but there was no response from them.

Pakistani-Crime The murderer was apprehended in 12 hours.

Later, her sister came into the room and she locked the door and reported the incident to the police via her father’s phone.

A policeman said in the investigations that a team of detectives gathered inferences and concluded that the suspect was a Pakistani worker who worked in the victim's villa several months ago.

The suspect was arrested and during the public prosecution’s investigations, he confessed to having planned to rob the villa after climbing the wall and hiding in the garden.

Arabian-Ranches-750 The upscale Arabian Ranches locality in Dubai.

He also confessed to having bought a knife from a store near his residence and agreed with someone to take him from Sharjah to a petrol station in the Arabian Ranches area in Dubai for Dhs70.

There, he climbed the wall and hid in the garden, taking advantage of the darkness. He later searched for any money inside the victim’s room until he found Dhs2,000.

In the meantime, the victim and his wife woke up and the suspect stabbed them several times until he was sure they were dead. He, however, was surprised by the victim’s daughter and he stabbed her and fled away. He then got rid of the knife around 500 metres away from the scene.

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