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Dubai to transfer 1,000 weekly flights to Al Maktoum International Airport from May 9 due to runway renovation

Renovation work is being done at Dubai Airports.

Gulf Today, Staff Reporter

Dubai Airports has announced the enhancement of the operational capacity at Dubai World Central Airport (Al Maktoum International Airport). The strong infrastructure will improve the passenger experience and facilitate their journey during the closure of the northern runway at Dubai International Airport, which begins on May 9 and continues to June 22, 2022.

The northern runway at Dubai International Airport will undergo a comprehensive development process over 45 days in order to provide the highest standards of safety, enhance services and operational capacity to receive tens of millions of passengers through the airport during the year.

More than 1,000 flights per week will be directed to Dubai World Central Airport during this period, with most of these flights operated by flydubai, SpiceJet, Indigo and Gulf Air.

Enhance the passenger experience

In conjunction with the increase in passenger traffic during this period, Dubai World Central Airport will restart service facilities to enhance the passenger experience and ensure a smooth and comfortable journey for them. Restaurants, cafes and shopping centers will be fully operational, while check-in and check-in offices at the airport, customs and immigration office are preparing to welcome all passengers at the airport.

Dubai Airports invites all travellers to and from Dubai during the period of closing the northern runway, to contact the airlines for their reservations, or the departure/arrival building before the time of their flight.

With the aim of improving and supporting the passengers’ experience and providing them with all the comforts, Dubai Airports confirms the provision of transportation between Dubai International Airport and Dubai World Central Airport, with flexible and diversified options to facilitate the movement of travellers during the closure period that lasts up to 45 days, including free bus service between the two airports are available 24/7, and free parking spaces for passengers traveling through Dubai World Central Airport, in addition to exclusive rates for RTA taxis for all trips from the airport.

Cooperation and coordination

Paul Griffiths, CEO of Dubai Airports, said, “The infrastructure development project has been proactively studied and planned to reduce the impacts that may occur on passenger flights during this period, in addition to enhancing cooperation and coordination with all our partners across the aviation community in Dubai.

“With the aim of supporting the smooth and efficient management of operations while providing the highest standards of safety and continuing excellence in customer service at the level of both Dubai International Airport and Dubai World Central Airport.
“During this period, the basic services and facilities at Dubai World Central Airport will be fully operational to meet the needs and expectations of travelers. I also advise all travelers to contact the airlines of their flights to check the departure hall before arriving at the airport to avoid any delay in the flight.”

Runway update

The northern runway renovation project will include paving approximately 160,000 tonnes of asphalt, in addition to 30,000 cubic meters of concrete to reinforce and flatten the runway floor and adjacent walkways.

Some 264 kilometers of branch cable will be replaced and more than 4,400 units of runway light fixtures will be upgraded using economical and environmentally friendly technologies. The northern runway underwent a similar development during 2014, while the southern runway was renovated in 2019.

The project to renovate the northern runway comes within the framework of the tireless efforts of Dubai Airports and its continuous commitment to enhancing the security and safety of passengers and providing an exceptional travel experience, in line with its efforts to increase the capacity of Dubai International Airport, the busiest international airport around the world.

Dubai Airports Corporation is also keen to strengthen the bonds of cooperation and joint coordination with all partners and stakeholders to ensure the preparation of the work plan, the scheduling of flights, the coordination of employees and communication with customers with ease.

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