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Pakistan president dissolves Parliament at PM’s request


Pakistan President Arif Alvi speaks during an event. File photo

Pakistan’s president dissolved Parliament on Sunday setting the stage for early elections after the prime minister sidestepped a no-confidence move earlier in the day.

Imran Khan asked President Arif Alvi to dissolve the National Assembly, or law-making lower house of Parliament, accusing his political opposition of working with the United States to overthrow his government.


Pak Opposition clean bowled: Deputy Speaker blocks no-trust motion against Imran Khan

Fresh elections in Pakistan to be held in 90 days Information Minister

Pakistan’s constitution calls for the establishment of an interim government to see the country toward elections, which are to be held within 90 days.

Khan’s political opponents have called a decision by the Parliament’s deputy speaker to throw out their no-confidence resolution illegal and vowed to go to the Supreme Court.

The battle between Khan, a cricket star turned conservative Islamic leader, and his political opposition has mired the nation in political turmoil.

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