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VIDEO: ‘Flying object’ lands on Dubai Museum of the Future


A ‘flying object’ approaches the Dubai Museum of the Future.

Syed Shayaan Bakht, Staff Reporter

A breathtaking video of the Museum of the Future, the most beautiful building on the face of the Earth, receiving a "flying object,” has grabbed the attention of many residents.

The video surely highlights Dubai’s futuristic approach.

The museum will open to public on 22-02-22.

The Museum of the Future, an architectural marvel that sits at the bustling heart of Dubai, is set to become a new global landmark.

The National Geographic has listed Dubai's 'Museum of the Future' as one of the 14 most beautiful museums in the world for its astounding architecture and sophisticated technological innovations.

Driven by the wise vision of its leadership, as always, Dubai has brought to life a one of a kind hub, for visionaries, talents and great minds from around the globe to shape the future, it is the eagerly-awaited “Museum of the Future,” which will be welcoming guests to embark on a journey to the year 2071.

From Dubai and the UAE to the rest of the world, the Museum of the Future is a “living museum” aiming to contribute to a deep intellectual movement, through connecting thinkers and experts from around the world and acting as a test bed for future generations to create innovative solutions for the challenges facing society.

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