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Free Wi-Fi, TV screens on workers’ buses


A UAE-based firm has installed free Wi-Fi and TV screens on labourers’ buses. Kamal Kassim / Gulf Today

Jamil Khan, Senior Reporter

A UAE-based firm has adopted a holistic approach for labourers and started a project for installing free Wi-Fi and TV screens on labourers’ buses. This was revealed in a press event on Monday.

The project initiated by World Star Holding, a leading UAE-based company, to alleviate mental stress of workers.

Addressing the media, Haseena Nishad, Managing Director, World Star Holding, said, “On the buses, the workers can make video calls and talk to their families and also enjoy music videos played on television screens, and this would help transform them into better workers. This also solves the problem of not having enough time to contact loved ones back homes due to busy schedules.”

In the first phase, the company launched six new high-tech labour buses with air conditioning while all the fleet of around 200 buses will be equipped at the end of 2025. One bus will cost Dhs10,000 to install Wi-Fi and TV screens on all seats for all passengers.

Nishad Hussain, Chairman of World Star Holdings, said the company, which has about 5,000 employees, could roll out the system on all buses by 2025. Currently, there are about 200 buses for workers and they are transporting their staff to different construction sites across the UAE.

World Star Holding has already set up an extensive facility in Sajja Area in Sharjah to provide excellent training and classes to the workers. From now on, high-tech buses will also display safety-awareness videos on workplace routines before reaching construction sites. The company’s manager, said it would make worker’s life safer.

Thousands of World Star workers are involved in many development projects being carried out by the UAE leaders as part of the vision of the Father of the Nation, Sheikh Zayed.

The Chairman said that through the facilities provided by the company to the workers, they can be transformed into the world-class level. The company has provided the best infrastructure for the workers.

Workers boarded the bus after receiving a red carpet reception at the flag-off ceremony of the high-tech bus, which was received as a New Year gift. The workers said that today is the happiest day of their lives and they are very grateful for the respect and facilities that the company gives them.

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