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UAE experts say vaccine booster fights COVID-19 infection


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Gulf Today, Staff Reporter

The UAE government has urged residents and citizens to take the booster dose COVID-19 vaccine to limit the spread of coronavirus infection in the country.

The health experts said that based on studies and research issued by the World Health Organisation (WHO), it indicates that people who received a booster dose were less infected than those who did not receive the booster dose even if they were exposed to mild symptoms.

Human health and safety is one of the most important priorities of the state, and therefore obtaining the booster and booster dose is considered an essential support for obtaining the antibodies necessary to prevent the mutations and genetic mutations of the coronavirus.

The authorities said, “We call upon our honorable audience that teams will be formed by the party's organiser to ensure that all precautionary and preventive measures are applied and adhered to.”

Through a policy of strategic integration between the vital sectors concerned with responding to the pandemic, the UAE was able to control the number of injuries and provide the latest methods of prevention and treatment to ensure community health.

The authorities said, “We thank community members for the initiative to take vaccinations and their effective role in building sustainable community immunity, and we also commend the role of our heroes in the first line of defense, as one of the most important front lines for this pandemic.”

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