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Solo exhibition to support People of Determination


The opening day received a large number of visitors, including the patrons of Rashid Centre for People of Determination.

Jamil Khan, Senior Reporter

Painting is one of the modes to translate one’s feelings on canvas and there are countless artists who are doing this in their own ways. Dubai resident, Eniko Szabo (Noor Galadari), an impression and surrealistic artist, through her surreal paintings exhibition has proved herself a fresh breeze in local art scene.

She displayed over 38 paintings in her first solo exhibition under the theme of ‘Not All Those Who Wander Are Lost’. The 3-week exhibition will continue till December 12 at Gallery Vibes, Mall of the Emirates. The opening day received a large number of visitors including the patrons of Rashid Centre for People of Determination to admire the paintings.

The Rashid Centre will receive a part of proceeds from the sale of paintings during the 3-week exhibition.


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Taking to the Gulf Today, artist Eniko Szabo told that it was her first exhibition even though she has been paintings since her childhood. “I have been paintings since I was child but never had the courage to showcase my artwork. Now I feel it is the right time to not only exhibit my artwork but play my role to give back to society. I admired the Rashid Center and its services towards the People of Determination and decided to donate a part of proceeds of paintings’ sale to them,” she said.

Responding to a question, she said, “painting is in some form of translation of our reality and our feelings. The paintings are from our life small segments that when we look at we can connect with. We all love to wonder away from reality sometimes in some way, and it’s just fine because it is a coping mechanism that do only good.”

She further said, “In my case with this first exhibition I mean to show in an honest and simple way that there’s an imaginative child that I believe every one of us has and it’s needs protecting. I don’t believe in growing up, I don’t believe such a thing exist and I think everyone should try to preserve a child in themselves.”

Szabo further mentioned, "I find it very important to hold on to it and show everyone because somewhere among this fantasy and fairy tale is an innocent but wise message than everyone should embrace.”

On the opening day, a number of visitors from different segments of the society attended and appreciated the paintings curated beautifully in the gallery.

“I would like to encourage people to be brave to love the variations of art in their home value it more than just an accessory or interior design. In my opinion to have a piece in your room that tells a story means so much more than just a colour composition. For a painting, I believe meant to be stand out,” she said.

Responding a question, she said that she made hundreds of pieces so far to cover different themes and convey her feelings. The next exhibition of her artworks will be held in March in Dubai.


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