1.5-metre wood plank removed from the body of Egyptian man after accident - GulfToday

1.5-metre wood plank removed from the body of Egyptian man after accident


The wooden plank retrieved from the man's leg in Egypt.

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A medical team at Sohag University Hospital succeeded in taking out a plank of wood from the body of a young man, through a delicate surgery.

Mustafa Abdelkhaleq, President of Sohag University, stated that the 150-cm-long wood plank had penetrated the body a young man, 32, as a result of a traffic accident.

The university hospital received the young man, who is from a village belonging to Gerga city, and works as a cart porter, in serious condition, after a wood plank had penetrated his leg, due a collision that took place between his cart and a vehicle.

Surgery-Plank Doctors performing surgery on the man.

The necessary examinations and x-rays were carried out for the patient, and immediately the medical team consisting of doctors from the Department of Plastic Surgery, Urology, Anesthesia and the nursing staff proceeded with the surgery operation.

They were able to remove the wood plank from the body of the injured.

Dr. Ahmed Jaber, deputy director of the hospital and professor of plastic surgery and one of the members of the surgical team, explained that the wooden plank penetrated the back of the young man from the right side, passing through the scrotum, penetrating to the left side. The medical team was able to remove the wooden plank, and explore the wound. The patient came out of operations and he is in a stable condition. He is currently under observation and treatment at the hospital, Dr. Jaber confirmed.

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