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African gang of 3 women lures Asian to fake massage centre, robs him of Dhs284,000


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Mohammed Yassin, Staff Reporter

The Dubai Criminal Court sentenced an African gang of three women and a fugitive to 3 years in jail and imposed a fine of Dhs284,000, for assaulting and robbing an Asian IT consultant account of an Asian IT consultant.

The gang members will be deported after serving their sentence. In the same case, the court acquitted an African woman of the same charges.

Details date back to November 2020, when the victim communicated with a massage centre, through a website.The accused lured the victim to a fake massage centre, detained him and assaulted him.

According to the victim’s statement in investigations, he said he contacted the owner of the centre who gave him the details of the locationof the massage centre.

As soon as the victim reached at the given address he was detained and assaulted by four women.

They asked him to give all money he had, so he got out Dhs200 but one of them snatched his wallet and mobile which she asked to unlock.

Another woman grabbed his neck, and a third put a knife on it, so he responded and unlocked the phone.

The victim added the convicts forced him to open the phone application of his banking transactions, where they saw his balance was Dhs439,000, so they forced him to transfer Dhs250,000 to different accounts, then one of them stole a credit card and left the apartment.

It was found that she withdrew Dhs30,000 using the card.

Next morning they allowed him to go and this is when he called the bank and told them what happened and also called the police.

A policeman said that upon receiving the report, a search team was formed which located the convicts and arrested them. Police called the victim to identify the defendants.

One of them admitted that she used to lure victims through a communication site by placing pictures of European beauties on her page.

Another confessed to the details of the crime and the court ruled that they be imprisoned, fined, and deported from the country.

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