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VIDEO: Pakistani expat wins Dhs50 million Mahzooz jackpot


Pakistani expat Junaid shakes hands with Farid Samji CEO of EWINGS at the Mahzooz UAE Studio in Dubai.

Jamil Khan, Senior Reporter

For the first time ever, the “grand prize" of Dhs50,000,000 has been won in the 48th weekly live Mahzooz draw, which took place last night at the Mahzooz UAE Studio.

The winner, 36-year old Pakistani expat Junaid, will be awarded next Thursday. The Pakistani expat has 4 brothers and a sister. He has two children, a son and a daughter, back in Pakistan.

Junaid earns Dhs6,000 per month as a driver in local company, and lives in a sharing accommodation in a villa. He was brought up in the UAE. His father owns a tailor shop here in the UAE.

He got a call yesterday (Sunday) in the morning and is still in a state of shock and thrilled over the news.

“Now I won a huge amount of Dhs50 million and comes with huge responsibility. I will buy a huge house in Dubai and also buy in Pakistan,” Junaid said.

He added, "When my family heard this they screamed and started jumping and dancing."

EWINGS, the managing operator of Mahzooz, saw one exceptionally fortunate participant land the grand prize of Dhs50,000,000.


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The historic win was the outcome of the lucky winner matching six out of six numbers and becoming Mahzooz’s first grand prize multi-millionaire.

The winning numbers were 6, 11, 21, 32, 33, and 46.

In a press briefing, Farid Samji, CEO of EWINGS, said: “We are so thrilled and excited for the winner of the Grand Prize of Dhs50,000,000.

"This is by far the biggest prize money to have been won in the United Arab Emirates and GCC region. We have been eagerly waiting for someone to take home the Grand Prize; we’re extremely happy that luck has favoured someone after 48 draws.”

“The stroke of luck that we witnessed last night embodies Mahzooz’s ethos: changing people’s lives overnight. The lives of all the winners that we’ve made, in every single draw, have been transformed in a matter of seconds. Changing people’s lives for the better is what Mahzooz is all about,” added Samji. Additionally, six winners shared the second prize which was doubled to Dhs2,000,000 this week as it went unclaimed in the 47th draw.


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