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Fire in Dubai Marina Diamond 2 brought under control

Marina Diamond 2 building on fire in Dubai.

Mohammed Yaseen, Staff Reporter

Dubai Civil Defence teams brought under control a fire that broke out in the Marina Diamond building in the Dubai Marina area. No casualties were reported as a result of the fire.

The Dubai Civil Defence’s operations room received a report at 3:58am on Saturday stating that a fire had erupted in the Marina Diamond 2 building in the Dubai Marina area.

Fire engines from Al Marsa station rushed to the scene and arrived there at 4:01am at a response time of three minutes. 

The cooling process is underway at Marina Diamond 2 building.

The fire was found to have erupted in an apartment in the 11th floor and spread from the 9th floor to the 15th floor.

The firefighting and rescue teams evacuated all the people stuck in the building without registering any casualties and started fighting the fire and preventing it from spreading to the neighouring sites.

Brigadier General Ali Hassan Al Mutawa, Assistant Director General of Dubai Civil Defence for Fire and Rescue Affairs, stated that the fire was brought under control at 5:24am and that no casualties were reported.

The teams started securing the site before handing it over to the competent authorities for investigation into the cause of the fire, Al Mutawa said, adding that temporary accommodations were also provided for the residents of damaged apartments through the Emergency, Crisis and Disaster Management Centre at Dubai Police.

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