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Dubai completes 98% of its paperless strategy objectives


Digital Duba officials attend the event at Gitex. WAM

The Dubai Paperless Strategy has accomplished 98.86% of its government transactions digitalisation objectives across all participating government entities, revealed Digital Dubai in a press conference at its pavilion at Gitex Global 2021.

A total of 43 Dubai Government entities taking part in the Strategy have succeeded in digitalising their internal and external processes. Collectively, they offer more than 1,800 digital services and boast over 10,500 key processes.

The new accomplishment is in line with the Dubai Government’s strategic objectives to establish the emirate as a world digital capital, boost government productivity, ensure optimal resource consumption, digitise procedures and services, and promote happiness for customers.

At the heart of the Strategy and of the entire digital transformation project is government integration, which has led to a notable shift towards automating procedures and services. These, in turn, helped save a total of 331 million sheets of paper that would have otherwise been used for transactions, cutting costs by more than Dhs1.3 billion and saving over 14 million man-hours across the government. From an environmental standpoint, the Strategy saved more than 39,000 trees that would have otherwise been used to produce paper.

During its press conference at Gitex, Digital Dubai applauded the government entities that implemented the Dubai Paperless Strategy with a 100% completion rate, awarding them the ‘100% Digital Stamp’. The conference was attended by Abdulla Al Basti, Secretary General of The Executive Council of Dubai; Hamad Al Mansoori, Director-General of Digital Dubai; and Wesam Lootah, CEO of the Smart Dubai Government Establishment, part of Digital Dubai, along with officials and representatives from the participating government entities and several media outlets.

Digital Dubai has awarded the ‘100% Digital Stamp’ to 19 new government entities that have implemented the Dubai Paperless Strategy at a rate of 100%. These entities join the first four government departments to win the Stamp in March 2021 - the Dubai Electricity and Water Authority, Dubai Municipality, Dubai Statistics Center, and Dubai Sports Council).

The list of new entities consists of the General Secretariat of The Executive Council of Dubai, General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs, Dubai Health Authority, Roads and Transport Authority, Dubai Police, Department of Land and Property, Dubai Aviation Engineering Projects, The Government of Dubai Legal Affairs Department, Security Industry Regulation Agency, Islamic Affairs & Charitable Activities Department, Dubai Culture, Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing, Dubai Government Human Resources Department, Knowledge and Human Development Authority, Dubai Future Foundation, the Supreme Legislation Committee, Professional Communication Corporation (Nedaa), Al Jalila Cultural Centre for Children, and the Financial Audit Authority Dubai.

"Dubai is taking a new and significant step forward in its quest to digitalize all aspects of life in the emirate, guided by its leadership’s ambitious vision and clear objectives to make sure Dubai has a fully digital government by December 2021, where all transactions will be 100% paperless," asserted Hamad Al-Mansoori. "With its successive achievements and non-stop progress, the Dubai Government is on the right track to fulfil its aspirations and lead the world in the field of digital governments, all while continuing to prioritize customers’ happiness and offering them seamless and proactive services. Dubai is now a role model for the world with its rapid and significant achievements, as well as its commitment to maintaining a clean and sustainable environment."

"We are proud of the remarkable achievements that the Dubai Government has made in its comprehensive digital transformation," AlMansoori added. "We also take pride in the many government entities that have earned the "100% Digital Stamp," completely cutting paper out of all internal, external, and customer transactions. With that in mind, I extend my sincere appreciation to all the institutions that have worked together as one team and succeeded in achieving the success we see today. It is this team spirit that makes us confident that we will keep making accomplishments until we establish a smart digital life that reaffirms Dubai’s leading global position."

For his part, Wesam Lootah noted: "The roadmap set by the Dubai Paperless Strategy has led to many notable achievements, from entirely re-engineering operations to promoting the widespread use of digital identity and electronic signature services. The Strategy has helped create an integrated and interconnected network, popularized the use of government resource planning systems, and fueled the development of digital legislation. All of these accomplishments have collectively ensured the Strategy’s success, setting the stage for the impressive levels of performance we have witnessed in a relatively limited period of time."

"The Dubai Paperless Strategy’s success will enhance all aspects of life, significantly reducing paper consumption and saving millions of Dirhams and man-hours across various government entities," Lootah continued. "Over time, the strategy will foster a deep restructuring of internal work cultures and customers’ perspectives, encouraging the ubiquitous use of paperless transactions and processes. This in itself is an important goal that drives Dubai’s comprehensive digital transformation."

The Dubai Paperless Strategy is set to enhance the smart city experience for all residents and visitors. It facilitates and streamlines government transactions, curb the use of paper in customer transactions or between Dubai Government employees, and design 100% paperless experiences available on the DubaiNow application, which includes all city services divided into 12 main categories.

The Dubai Paperless Strategy is set to be implemented across all Dubai Government entities by December 2021 in order to digitize key government services. The strategy focuses on enhancing and improving services and internal processes, through digitization, elimination of unnecessary documents, and further utilisation of intra-governmental shared services provided by Digital Dubai.


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