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Woman raped by kin and neglected by family takes up drugs, Dubai Police come to the rescue


The photo has been used for illustrative purposes.

Sumayya Saad, Staff Reporter

Family’s neglect and disregard encouraged a mean relative to sneak into a house stealthily and be alone with a girl in her room, where he assaulted her and then raped her at knifepoint.

This continued for a whole year without any member of the family feeling or noticing anything until the victim surrendered completely to the rapist without showing any resistance.

The story did not end here but developed from rape into drugs and the victim ended up at the hands of Dubai Police who referred her to the Hemaya International Centre of Dubai Police’s General Department of Anti-narcotics for rehabilitation.

Colonel Abdullah Al Khayat, Manager of Hemaya International Centre, told the story of the girl who was wronged by her family and was then lost in life after she entered the world of drugs of her own free will. 

Drugs The photo has been used for illustrative purposes.

She had been subjected to several forms of exploitation and humiliation because of addiction before she eventually found refuge in the Hemaya International Centre, he said.

While staying there, the victim expressed her interest in leading a new life and she was consequently referred to the Addiction and Post-Care Counseling Department for follow-up, treatment and rehabilitation.


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The suffering of this young woman began as early as she was 16 when she was raped at knifepoint by one of her relatives, who used to intimidate her every time so as not to expose him, Al Khayat said.

The sudden disappearance of the rapist aroused the victim’s curiosity and she started asking about him and trying to reach him.

The photo has been used for illustrative purposes.

This was easy especially because the rapist was one of her relatives.

After some hesitation and fear, the victim told her family about what she was going through for a whole year, which sparked a family problem on a larger scale.

This was reported to the police who took the necessary legal measures.

Later, the family tried to help their daughter to get married in order to maintain its reputation, Al Khayat said, adding that the young woman got married after a while and she gave birth to a child.

Things, however, did not go the right way between the victim and her husband and as disputes aggravated, they were divorced, he said.

In light of these developments, and in the absence of restraint and lack of interest, the world of addiction was ready to receive the victim, who got acquainted with bad friends, learnt smoking and showed interest in staying up late and attending parties and night gatherings.

She developed her relationships with several people to fill her emotional gap but they led her to drugs.

A friend of hers persuaded her to try a new drug but then started taking other drugs before she found herself dealing with drug dealers and addicts.

She used her car to transport and deliver drugs but the police were on the lookout and she was arrested.

The young woman expressed how she missed the taste of comfort, stability and safety and how she wished to stay away from the world of drugs and its destructive environment, Al Khayat said, adding that she showed interest in undergoing medical treatment and rehabilitation to be able to return to real life again.

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