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Father’s indulgence almost killed underage son


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Aya Al Deeb, Staff Reporter

A father’s leniency nearly killed his 15-year-old son as a result of a traffic accident. The father used to allow his son, who had not reached the legal age, to drive his vehicle on their way back home every day.

He would go to his son’s school to bring him back home and sometimes let his son drive home and the son would brag about it in front of his classmates.

One day, a friend asked the son to film himself in a video to show him driving the car in order to prove to them that what he said about driving the car was true.

As proof, the son took the car keys without his father’s knowledge and went to a highway, where he started driving at high speed. As a result of his reckless driving, he lost control of the car, which veered off the road and then overturned.

Meanwhile, the Federal Public Prosecution warned against the leniency of some fathers as embodied in allowing their children to drive their cars before reaching the legal age and obtain a driving licence.

Recently, the Abu Dhabi Court of Cassation obligated an insurance company to pay a driver Dhs160,000 in compensation for material and moral damage he sustained after he was injured in a traffic accident. He sustained 80% disability in the traffic accident.

Details date back to an earlier time when the driver filed a lawsuit demanding the insurance company to pay him compensation, noting that he was driving the vehicle which was insured with the company.

He collided with another vehicle, causing him to suffer the injuries listed in the medical report.

The driver demanded a forensic examination, which could investigate his injuries and his health condition.

The forensic expert reported that the injuries would prevent the driver from working .

The Court of First Instance obligated the insurance company to pay the driver Dhs150,000. The insurance company and the driver appealed and the Court of Appeal obligated the company to pay the driver Dhs200,000.

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