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Here is a list of professionals who are eligible for Green visas


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Gulf Today, Staff Reporter

The UAE government announced on Sunday a green visa system and freelancers visa.  

The UAE government said on its Twitter account, “UAE announces Green Visa, a new residency system that separates the residence permit from the work permit, and targets the higher skill levels, investors, entrepreneurs, early students and graduates, and includes a set of new privileges different from the regular residence.”

Eligibility for Green visa:

-Highly skilled individuals
-Top students
-Graduates in specialised fields  

The introduction of the Green visa expands the self-residency status to the above categories, and the federal freelancers visa for self-employed workers based in the UAE and overseas in specialised fields such as artificial intelligence, Blockchain and digital currencies.

New visa schemes include:

Green visa, which distinguishes between work permits and residencies, enables highly skilled individuals, investors, entrepreneurs and top students and graduates to sponsor themselves.

Green visa involves:

- Sponsorship of young people until the age of 25 instead of 18
- Extending the grace period for leaving the country upon job loss or retirement to 90-180 days instead of 30.
- Sponsorship of parents

According to Minister of State for Foreign Trade Thani Bin Ahmed Al Zeyoudi, the recent amendments in the residency system made the UAE a distinguished nation with a system that is the first of its kind in the world.

“The UAE will be characterized by an integrated path featuring regular, green and golden residency visas,” he added.

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