Military veteran goes on a violent rampage at Miami airport, video viewed over 6 million times - GulfToday

Military veteran goes on a violent rampage at Miami airport, video viewed over 6 million times

A combo image shows the man kicking off security barricades at Miami International Airport.

Gulf Today Report

A man has been taken into custody at Miami International Airport after a violent outburst that quickly changed into banging stuff and throwing barricades.

The incident took place at American Airlines gate in Terminal D of the airport.

Video posted online showed the man swinging barricades and threatening to hit passengers and airport staff.

The video of the incident has been viewed 6 million times.

Miami-Dade Police that usually looks after the airport security took the man into custody.

It was learnt that the man was military veteran. He was taken to a nearby hospital for treatment and evaluation.   

Witnesses said that the man had an altercation with his girlfriend near the ladies restroom.

A source close to the incident said that man was intoxicated.

Miami-Dade Police said, “This incident involved a military veteran in crisis. Our Airport District officers immediately responded to the call by airport staff and transported him to a local hospital for treatment and evaluation. The MDPD is committed to the safety of all our residents and visitors.”

Chief Art Acevedo wrote on Twitter, “It reflects poorly in the idiot acting the fool. I assure you our partners @MiamiDadePD who handle the airport took care of business.”

Maura L. Sinclair said on Twitter, “I need to know how this turned out and that this person will be facing serious charges and placement on the no fly list. Anyone with info please comment…”

Shaysh said, “There’s been several of these over the last several months at MIA and the most frightening thing is the complete lack of a police response in any sort of timely manner.”

However, the incident was brought under control by the Miami-Dade Police officers stationed at the airport.

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