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Baby girl suffocates to death after mother forgets her in the car

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A baby girl died in Jordan after her mother forgot her inside a car in a parking lot of a hospital in the Rusaifa area.

She did not remember her until hours later, only to find that she had died of suffocation due to her mother’s negligence.  

Local media stated, the results of the autopsy at Prince Faisal Hospital in Rusaifa, revealed that the cause of death was due to the infant reflux of milk that led her to choke to death.

He added that in the forensic medicine department at Prince Faisal Hospital, an autopsy was conducted on the order of the public prosecutor of Rusaifa, where a medical committee was formed under the chairmanship of Dr. Ahmed Bani Hani and the membership of Dr. Alaa Al-Tusi and Dr. Ibrahim Habash, and the reasons for the death of the infant were due to milk, that is the reflux — vomiting.

The body of the infant was handed over to the family for burial.

The media pointed out that the security services had opened an investigation into the death of a child.

Preliminary reports suggest the girl's mother forgot her daughter for a period of long time in the vehicle instead of bringing her into the institution's nursery."

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