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UAE airlines may soon resume flights from India, Pakistan


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Gulf Today, Staff Reporter

The UAE has announced that people from India, Pakistan, Nepal, Ugandan and Nigeria can travel to the UAE provided the fact that they have valid UAE visas.

They also have to obtain prior approval from the Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship (ICA) before booking their tickets for the journey.

Ever since the UAE authorities released information on travel updates, travel agents and airlines offices have received thousands of phone calls for the latest travel procedures.

Gulf Today gathered information from the two big UAE airlines, Emirates and Etihad on flight resumption. 

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Emirates and Etihad have confirmed that flights from the above countries are suspended till Aug.7.

A traveller, Murtuza Moiz asked Emirates, “Is it true flight will open from 5 august For Indian???”

Emirates responded on Twitter, “Hi Murtuza, We've not received this update from the local authorities yet. Please keep an eye on the travel updates online. We'll publish the news as soon as more information becomes available.

Emirates gave similar statement to a Pakistani travller Aman.

The airline replied, “Hi Aman, our flights from Pakistan are suspended until the 07th of August. We don't have any update on flight resumption at the moment. Thanks”

Etihad Airways also made similar statements.

The airline relied to a traveller named Rajneesh Sharma from India on Twitter. 

Etihad wrote, “Hi Rajneesh, currently, our flights from India have been suspended until the 07 August 2021, and this is subject to change. We would love to resume our flights as soon as possible, however this is not under our control.”


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