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UAE emerges as top destination for safe tourism


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Gulf Today, Staff Reporter

The UAE as a result of adopting strict precautionary measures against COVID-9 virus has enhanced its reputation and position among the best tourist destinations.

The UAE has emerged as top destinations for ‘safe tourism’ with a demand rising from inside and outside the country, authorities disclosed on Tuesday during weekly briefing on virus situation in the country.

Authorities have urged travellers to follow travel protocols to ensure their health and safety.

Travellers are urged to inquire about spread of infection at destination, comply with precautionary measures as stipulated by WHO and to get health insurance covering even if they are going to the countries on green list.

Travellers safety

The official said that the UAE always care about the wellbeing of its citizens abroad.

“Authorities communicate with UAE citzens who have travelled abroad studying, treatment or tourism purposes through its embassies and consulates around the world,” said official during briefing.

Emiratis travelling abroad are urged to register in “Tawajudi” service and to report in the event of contacting  COVID-19 abroad.

The UAE authorities have called on everyone to abide by precautionary and preventive measures during travel such as wearing masks, physical distancing and using sanitisers, even if they are not mandated in the country to which they are travelling.

“High awareness and following the preventive measures is a key to ensure safety. Ensuring that we adopt a positive mindset while following safety procedures in order to enjoy the holiday safely,” concluded official.

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