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Abu Dhabi's Al Dhafra municipality handles 44 emergency situations during weather fluctuations


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Emadeddin Khalil, Staff Reporter

The municipality of Al Dhafra region of Abu Dhabi received 44 calls during the past days, reporting crawling of sand on roads because of weather fluctuations in various areas. All reports were handled and the sand dunes were removed in the main roads in less than an hour, in cooperation with the strategic partners, the municipality confirmed.

It provided full support to all cases in record time, thanks to the plan that was recently developed to deal with the rain and weather fluctuations.

The Municipality explained that the emergency teams removed the sand that had accumulated on the roads due to the dusty winds, maintained the electronic gate and animal barriers, as well as cleaning of roads leading to sea rest houses. This reflects the efforts and keenness of the municipality to enhance the capabilities of environmental sustainability, emergency management and business continuity.

It allocated 38 emergency and crisis patrols, 19 machines and equipment, and 79 workers to deal with the reports received during the unstable weather conditions that the country witnessed.

The municipality confirmed that it handled all reports of weather fluctuations, as its emergency office circulates the warnings received from the National Center of Meteorology to all its sectors in Al Dhafra Region, and they by turn communicate with the municipality’s partners from contractors to coordinate the work.

It further affirmed the full readiness of all emergency teams, equipment and machines to in all areas of Al Dhafra Region, to ensure emergency management around the clock.

The municipality called on the public to report any emergency via calling 993, stressing the need to follow safety procedures during rain and thunderstorms, by staying away from electrical wires, following weather forecasts from official authorities, staying away from glass windows and metal doors, and keeping electrical devices away from rain.



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