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Goose checks on her mate undergoing surgery at veterinary clinic in US

Arnold on surgery is being watched by his mate at Cape Wildlife Center.

Gulf Today Report

The staff of the Cape Wildlife Center in Massachusetts observed a goose limping.

When it was examined, two fractures were found on its leg.

While veterinarians were preparing to anaesthetise the goose, which they named "Arnold," they heard a light knock on the glass of the backdoor of the place where the surgery was to be performed.  

They found that Arnold's mate came to check on him and attempted to enter the clinic, according to a video broadcast by CNN.

Cape Wildlife Center wrote on Facebook, “Today was a first for our hospital. We often have people ask if they can visit the patients they dropped off, but today we had our first animal visitor!  For the safety of our patients we do not accommodate visitation requests, but in this case we had to make an exception!”

The centre said that Arnold lives on a pond near the facility and that he is part of a mated pair that have been together for several years.

One of the staffers at the centre said, “We turned to see that his mate had waddled up onto the porch and was attempting to break into our clinic. She had somehow located him and was agitated that she could not get inside. She remained there throughout the entire procedure, watching us work, never moving from the doorway.”

The surgery lasted 45 minutes during which the mate watched what was going on.

After Arnold woke up, the mate petted it to relieve its pain.

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