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Thief steals SUV, drives it on train tracks to escape police in England


A videograb shows the thief driving on the train tracks at Cheshunt Station.

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In a similar scene like Hollywood movies, a man who was being pursued by British police managed to evade them, after he escaped with a stolen car on railroad tracks in the city of Hertfordshire, England. Two security men were injured.

In the exciting video clips that were widely shared on social media showed two police officers trying to talk to the driver of the stolen car, before they got into a fight with him, so he drives his car backwards, dragging the police with him for several metres.

As the driver of the black Range Rover tries to escape, he crashes into several cars in the back, before heading forward and rushing onto the road after hitting the policemen. 

The daring thief continued his adventure, driving his car to escape the police on the train tracks at Cheshunt Station, to the amazement of passersby.

The thief was lucky as there was no train scheduled on the line at that time.

"The car sped away, injuring two officers, and damaging several cars during the operation," British police said in a statement.

"Officers from Hertfordshire also came to help with the search, and the car was found abandoned on nearby train tracks.

"A search is currently underway in the area to locate the driver and officers are working alongside British Transport Police to retrieve the vehicle," the police said.

All trains to Cheshunt station were cancelled as a result of the car driving on the tracks.

Subsequently, rail services in the area were restored. Hertfordshire Police confirmed that the two officers sustained minor injuries.

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