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Dubai Police arrange virtual meeting of a mother with her jailed son


A mother talks to her jailed son during a virtual meeting arranged by Dubai Police.

Gulf Today, Staff Reporter

For a mother nothing is as satisfying as talking to her children, even if it is for few minutes.

No matter where her children live, a mother always wants to ensure their well being by keeping In touch with them.

Recently, Dubai Police fulfilled a mother’s wish to communicate with her son who is in jail.

The mother had requested General Department of Punitive and Correctional Institutions at Dubai Police to let her talk with her son, whom she hadn’t communicated with since the outbreak of COVID-19.  A virtual meeting was arranged for her.

The mother and her inmate son expressed their sincere gratitude to the Dubai Police for their assistance in ensuring their happiness.

“A specialised team from the Department arranged a visit to the mother’s house and helped her join her son in a virtual meeting and ensured all necessary apps and settings are installed for future use,”  said Brigadier General Ali Al-Shamali, Director of Correctional Services, Dubai Police Department.  

Brigadier Ali Al Shamali  said that Dubai Police is keen on providing complete logistical support to inmates and their families so that they remain safely connected per the announced precautionary measures against COVID-19.  

Explaining the procedures followed by the families of inmates to get in touch with inmates, Brigadier Ali Al Shamali said that families should first request an online visit through the Dubai Police app available on smartphones.  

“They will receive a text message with a link of the specific date and time for the video call.

“They can then go to Dubai Police official website and connect to the inmates who would be offered the necessary electronic devices to join the call.”

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