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Indians in UAE urged to register with Global Pravasi Rishta portal for emergency issues

A screengrab of the Pravasi Rishta portal.

Syed Shayaan Bakht, Staff Reporter

All Indians living in the UAE have been advised to register their details with the newly launched government portal by India.   

The Indian Consulate in Dubai told expats to register as early as possible in the Global Pravasi Rishta Portal.

Click here to register:  

The Pravasi Rishta Portal will send emergency alerts and important information to Indians.

The Indian Consulate in Dubai said on Twitter, “Global Pravasi Rishta Portal — an interactive platform, has been launched by Ministry of External Affairs, India to facilitate communication with the Indian diaspora.  

All members of Indian community are invited to register on the portal.”

The Indian government issued a circular that read, “The Government of India has launched several initiatives till date to ensure efficient, timely, reliable and accessible delivery of public services to the members of Indian diaspora.  

“The portal will further facilitate effective communication between the Embassies/Consulates and the members of Indian community with the recently launched the Rishta Portal.  

“The portal would enable the diaspora to reach consular office and services in a timely manner. “Through the portal, registered members of the Indian diaspora would receive emergency alerts, advisories, and updates on activities of the Embassy and information on the existing and new government schemes on a real-time basis.  

“All members of the Indian Diaspora in Dubai and Northern Emirates are invited to register on the portal at https:/”

The Indian government launched the portal to cater to the diaspora in tough times due the coronavirus pandemic.

Over 3 million Indians are living in the UAE.

The portal will help government maintain a database of all residents.

This database would help the Indian government and concerned embassies to help distressed people during adverse situations.

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