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‘Baba’ exhibition held to mark Father’s Day


The exhibition highlights the stellar role played by the father in the family.

Jamil Khan, Senior Reporter

To dedicate the vital role of the father in everyone’s life, an exhibition of paintings by a group of UAE-based artists from different nationalities under the banner ‘Baba – A Salute to our Unsung Heroes’ was held in Dubai.

The exhibition was organised by Funun Arts at Novotel, Dubai World Trade Center.

Expressing love for fathers through art is the unique way to celebrate Father’s Day. In this exhibition 13 artists dedicated their over 20 artworks to their superheroes. Father’s Day is celebrated around the world every year to recognise the contribution of a father to the growth and development of his children’s life.

The event started with a workshop on “How to describe your art journey?” by Purva Grover.

This exhibition was inaugurated by the pioneering artist, Faisal Abdul Qadir, and Sonia Majeed, Global Peace Ambassador. She said, “For every child, a father is one of the most important people in his or her life. Sons and daughters alike look up to their fathers, giving him the respect that is rightfully his. He is a superhero for sons and first love of a daughter. He is like a mountain for the family to protect them from any circumstances.”

Faisal said, “This is a very unique exhibition and congratulates Funun arts for being so active and bringing everyone on one platform through these wonderful events.”

Beside them there were many other distinguished guests like director Shrey of upcoming Bollywood film Salam Madrasa Hindustan, who appreciated the exhibition.

Participating artists in the event were Shiba Khan, Ahmed Rukni, Farah Khan, Anjini Prakash Laitu, Antara Saha, Nazar Haidri, Huda Kidwai, Avanthi Biju Panicker, Amal Mirajka, Deepika Devan, Nahla Bou Ajram, Sherine Elsabban and Canan Nilsson.

Ahmed Rukni, an Emirati artist, paid tribute to Mahatma Gandhi, Father of the Nation of India and Dalai Lama, Father of Humanity.

Nazar Haidiri, a Pakistani artist, presented his cubical art showcasing the music and connected it to the healing love of a father. As music has the power of healing, so is the love of a father.

Nahla Bou Ajram, Lebanese artist, showcased her beautiful, dreamy perspective and shared her art journey.

Sherine Elsabban, Egyptian artist with her dancing couple and mermaid artwork, explained that her father is a hero for her and expressed her immense love for him.

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