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VIDEO: Learning has no end, we must adapt to changes, says Sheikh Mohammed


Sheikh Mohammed shares a light moment with school children. File

Gulf Today, Staff Reporter

His Highness Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, said in a video on Instagram, with the hashtag #FlashesofLeadership, that “Science has no end and if man thinks that he knows everything, he will retreat and regress.”

Sheikh Mohammed stressed that science continues and that we are still learning.

He added, “What we experience today will become something of the past tomorrow. Joining university and getting a degree was the ultimate end of our parents, but I assure you that education will never come to an end.

Doctors, lawyers and teachers must develop themselves, and always learn so that they do not regress.”

Last week, the Dubai Ruler said, “If the needy comes to you, help him... And if the oppressed comes to you, support him... And if the owner of the idea comes to you, support him also… And if the world comes to you, listen to the world...

And if the young man comes to you, open a way for him towards his future...”

“We do not grow as separate individuals... We grow as a people who support each other... we excel as one nation... We are advancing as a united country...”

Sheikh Mohammed told young people that our country has achieved good reputation and progress, thanks to Late Sheikh Zayed.

“The name UAE is now well known around the world. You are the elite who represent the country.

“We want you to represent it in all aspects.

“We have great chances to lead, the leader is the one who says I am a leader and leads his group. The leader is the person who does his best to make the UAE’s reputation good. I want you to be one team.”   

Sheikh Mohammed launched the #FlashesofLeadership on his Instagram account to share part of his life, practical experiences, and leadership vision with the public.

He keeps sharing inspirational quotes and anecdotes on social media platforms.

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